1. Mechanical Design of Pressure Vessels, Tanks, Distillation Columns, etc. includes – Design Pressure Vessels (ASME SEC VIII Div 1 & 2, PD5500 etc.) & Design Tanks (API 650, 620 etc.)
  2. Thermal & Mechanical Design Of Heat Exchanger, Mechanical data
  3. sheet preparation, GA drawing
    Strength Calculation by using in-house programs/ PV ELITE
  4. Detail Design Calculations for Process Equipment for Industries
  5. Preparation Detailed/Fabrication Drawings, BOM, CFD analysis, Finite element analysis(FEA)
  6. Pressure Vessel & Tank FEA
  7. FEA as Per ASME-Section VIII-2
    FEA Analysis in Hydrostatic Loading
  8. Buckling Simulation
  9. Structural Integrity as per API/IS
    FEM Analysis of Welded Structures & Silo
  10. Design of Mounded Bullets, Agitators, Filters
    Heat Exchangers (Shell and tube type): As per ASME Sec VIII Div 1 part UHX , TEMA ,EN- 13445 & PD -5500.
  11. Underground and above ground (single wall double wall) horizontal storage tanks as per UL- 58,EN 12285-1 & EN 12285-2.
    Design and Detailing of Flare Steel Stack: ASME Sec VIII Div.1 + STS 2000