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Skid Design & Engineering

  • High-quality engineering services for Complete Skid design, detailing, stress analysis, structural analysis.
  • Complete fabrication drawings for skid structure, piping spools, piping supports, MTO
  • Specifications for hanger type supports (if required by piping stress analysis)
  • Optimize skid costs, by reducing unnecessary costs & Ensure sufficient stiffness (at key locations) to avoid vibration problems for components mounted on the skids
  • Overall skid layout to minimize site erection time and cost
  • Layout optimization for proper access & operation with equipment/fittings engineering to suit skid mounting and operation
  • Skid environmental load & transportation analysis
  • Skid optimization, Skid dynamic analysis
  • FEA analysis of Skid stress
  • Skid mounted & modular pilot plant design, detailing, analysis
  • Skid design will comply with international standards (ABS, API, AISC) & customer specifications Ensure safe lifting, transportation & operation.
  • Manufacturing Support