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Piping Stress Analysis (Thermal & Flexibility)

Pipe Stress Analysis for Onshore and offshore, Power & Process Piping

  • Pipe stress and flexibility analysis for Metallic & Non-metallic pipes (Effects of Thermal Loads, Occasional loads such as Hydrostatic Test, Safety Valve’s Reaction Force, Seismic, Wind & Sustained loads.)
  • Vibration Analysis, Steam & Water Hammer, Sea Wave load spectrum, Safety Valve Reaction Force
  • Stress analysis of piping connected to strain sensitive & stationary equipment e.g. Turbine, Pumps, Boilers, Compressors, Tank, Pressure, HP/LP heaters, Deaerator, Vessels, drums, Columns etc.
  • Critical piping support- calculation, designs eg. Constant and variable spring hangers, studs, rod hangers/bottom support
  • Load calculation for Pipe Support, Spring Hanger Data Sheets, Plates, Inserts & Loading Drawing (input to Civil)
  • Calculation of Spring Stiffness, Thrust force of Expansion, Hydraulic Calculation, Surge Analysis, CAE, CFD & Design Validation
  • FEA-Piping equipment or special fittings, nozzle flexibilities, allowable nozzle loads, stress intensification factors, Flange leakage calculation